Hi, my name is Kari Wiebe

and I design and develop the web.


Edmonton Web Design


Friesen's Meat Processing - A custom meat processing company in Saskatoon, SK. See the Site

Edmonton Web Design


This is a website for a consulting group in Edmonton. It's a custom theme for Wordpress. See the site

Edmonton Web Design


This website was not my design, but I developed it to be 100% responsive. This was done using of course, HTML and CSS, and javascript was implemented to make it responsive. See the Site

Edmonton Web Design

Tom's Recipes

In this project we designed a website based off of what our fictional client wanted. Using Adobe Photoshop I designed this mock up. This website design showcases my clean user friendly designs.

Edmonton Web Design


This is was a CRUD (create read update delete) website created using HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and MySQL created to filter through items in a database.

Edmonton Web Design


This is a redesign of a popular book store's website in Edmonton. This was done using Adobe Photoshop after creating wireframes.